Pitbull And Blake Shelton ?? Yeah That’s the Latest Collaboration

In what is possibly the most unexpected and confusing collaboration of the year -Blake Shelton and Pitbull have teamed up for a new song called “Get Ready” and it is the perfect hoedown with a touch of Mr. Worldwide.

The duo released the official music video for the track a few hours ago and it is a visual assault on your senses – bright lights, jerky camera movements and just a whole lot of “Bam-a lam”. Confused? Yeah, well, just watch the video!

Shelton and Pitbull can be seen getting it down on the dance floor of a typical country barn. While the collaboration is unexpected, the track itself doesn’t veer very far from Pitbull’s usual Latin dance sound.

The track was released a week ago, and the official music video is out now. Check it out!