P!nk Says “You’ve Got Too Much Free Time” to Trolls Who Body-Shame Her

P!nk is not going to take any of your trolling! After a netizen attempted to troll her on social media over her appearance, P!nk was quick to call the troll out. 

Stew Peters posted a photo of P!nk performing on stage in a midriff-baring costume and tweeted, “Those aren’t child-bearing hips.”

P!nk is a proud mother of daughter Willow Sage and son Jameson Moon. She did not hold back and quote-tweeted his post with,  “Oh, Stewie. Stewie Stewie Stewie. You’ve got too much free time,” with a clown emoji.

Her fans took it upon themselves to stand up for their idol. “When Stew finds out you have a child his mind gonna be blown…” one said. Another tweeted, “Indeed those are not ‘child-bearing’ hips, those are ‘boss mom hips’! My favourite female/mom artist by far!” Another fan said , “It’s mind-numbing that people actually think this way and say these things.”

Image Courtesy: Last FM

P!nk has had to deal with misogynistic trolls before also. Recently, she released ‘Trustfall’, which is her ninth top 10 album on the Billboard 200 chart. She’s working on two tours in support of the project. P!nk also raised $60,000 with Kelly Clarkson to benefit nonprofit No Kid Hungry by donating a signed, one -of-a-kind soundwave artwork of their duet ‘Broken and Beautiful.’

– Riya Sohini