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Powerful Women Doing Powerful Things On Womens Day

Women’s day took place on 8Th march; the internet was flooded with messages in support for women. Something that stood out was the women in the music industry taking things into their own hands. Even though women make up more than 50% of the music industry, the problems arise with regards to their pay and their show bookings. . This past year saw feminist revolutions in the music industry with women calling out abusers and double standards and so far it has been marvelous and empowering!

A few stars who slayed it on twitter include artists like Lady Gaga, Shakira, Kelly Rowland! Kylie took it to social media to celebrate the women who have influenced her by posting a throwback picture of her mother and sister. Rowland posted a picture of her dressed as Rosie the Riveter. Lady Gaga took it one step further by teaming up with Apple music to create a playlist for all the women out there.

She announced the good news via twitter , where she wrote #InternationalWomensDay and I’m celebrating all of the strong, women of choice aERll over the world with this playlist full of songs all from female artists,” she tweeted.

Many artists have extended their support to the queer community by making the day more inclusive and showing support for their peers who identify as women and womxn. This reclamation of the word women into womxn was acknowledged and lauded by many stars.
Best Coast tweeted “Celebrate women and those who identify
every day not just on some dumb made up day”

Queen B teamed up with Apple to release “Behind the Mac”, a video tribute to all the women who’ve made a difference in the tech field where women aren’t encouraged to be present. Breaking stereotypes in her field of music she said that it was important to motivate more women to pursue STEM subjects to make sure that women’s potentials are realized. YAS QUEEN! The future is female!

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