Priyanka Chopra Reveals Her Favourite Song From ‘The Album’ by The Jonas Brothers

Priyanka Chopra talked about the Jonas Brothers’ new music in an interview promoting her movie ‘Love Again’.

“I love the new album so much,” she said. “And there’s a song called ‘Walls’ — which they’ve performed a few times — which just goes off especially live. So I love that song.”

Image Courtesy: Pop Sugar

She was visibly excited when the band performed their closing track during the final night of their intimate, five-night run on Broadway. This is where the brothers debuted as-yet-unreleased songs including ‘Montana Sky,’ ‘Vacation Eyes,’ ‘Celebrate!’ and ‘Sail Away.’

In the interview with co-star Sam Heughan, Chopra also spoke about Nick Jonas’ hilarious cameo in the film as a gym bro, her character matches with on a dating app. “I may have broken character so many times,” she said. “I was a complete, utter unprofessional on set that day. And usually my work ethic is very important to me, so… But it was just so funny and Nick really was, like, trying to figure out how this douchebag guy would, like, walk or talk or admire himself. And it was just little choices he made in the scenes, like, I was dying. It was very funny.”

‘The Album’ will release soon on the same day, the siblings are set to take over Rockefeller Plaza in New York City to kickstart TODAY‘s Citi Summer Concert Series.

– Riya Sohini