Priyanka Chopra Says Nick Jonas’ ‘Close’ Makes Her “Weak in The Knees”

Priyanka Chopra spilled tea about her relationship with Nick Jonas on the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast. She revealed to the host, Alex Cooper that she initially found Jonas attractive because he “had the confidence to slide into my DMs and ask me out” after meeting at the Met Gala.

Image Courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar

“Literally, like, his message was ‘I’ve been told we should meet,” she revealed. “How cocky! gasps. So sexy. I love it!”

She also revealed how his single ‘Close’ featuring Tove Lo was the first thing that popped up on her screen when she googled Nick Jonas. This is the music video that prompted her to “immediately” send the singer her number. “I mean, I knew of the Jonas Brothers but I…different generations, also,” she said. “I grew up in India, you know? I was doing Indian pop culture at that time, I didn’t know about the music as much.

“At least a date. That body deserves at least a date,” she said after watching the music video for ‘Close’. “That video! His voice. That song, still, every time he sings that song on stage for me, like, I get weak in the knees.”

Image Courtesy: Hollywood Life

The couple got married in a lavish Indian wedding. Chopra also stated that the relationship is their unflinching support of one another. “Like, I’ve found my husband and I have this incredible partnership of ‘I’ve got you,’ and we communicate and we feel a sense of…you know that trust exercise? I would never do that with anyone else except Nick,” she noted. “I don’t trust people, but he’s one that, just, I know has my back.”

– Riya Sohini