Psy Has Announced a New Track ‘That That’, Produced by BTS’ Suga

Psy has unveiled his new single ‘That That,’ which will serve as the title track for his upcoming full-length album ‘Psy 9th.’

On 26th April, the ‘Gangnam Style’ singer released multiple previews for the new tune, which is produced by BTS’ Suga.  The single, its accompanying music video and the rest of ‘Psy 9th,’ will be released on 29th April.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Psy appears in a Wild West-style town while dressed as a cowboy in the accompanying teaser for the ‘That That’ music video. As a melancholy guitar instrumental plays in the background, he sprints towards the camera and falls down as the screen fades to black.

Musicians, Psy and Suga talk about working together

The artists also talk about meeting each other for the first time in a different teaser, and how they feel like they’ve become great friends. Psy said that when meeting younger musicians, he doesn’t want to be seen as unapproachable. Suga wasn’t just his junior in the business. He considers him as a friend as he doesn’t feel any age gap.

Image Courtesy: Forbes

Meanwhile, Suga admitted that working with Psy made him “nervous” at first because he’s several years his senior and someone who’s so well-respected in the industry. The BTS member, however, stated that it felt like working with a childhood buddy. As a result, it made the song writing process more fun. In a way, they became best friends.

‘That That’ is the latest tune from ‘Psy 9th,’ following ‘Celeb,’ featuring Bae Suzy, ‘Happier,’ featuring K-R&B artist Crush, and a remix of Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora’s 1984 hit track ‘When The Rain Begins To Fall,’ featuring MAMAMOO member Hwasa. Psy will be teaming up with Tablo from Epik High, Heize, Sung Si-kyung and others.

Following the release of ‘Psy 8th 4X2=8’ in 2017, ‘Psy 9th’ will be Psy’s first release in five years. The singer quit long time agency YG Entertainment a year after releasing ‘Psy 8th 4X2=8.’ In early 2019, he founded his own firm, P Nation.