Psychedelic Video Of Wildflower For Days Like These

A kaleidoscopic vision of the four-boy Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer, is here and it is extremely easy on the eyes. 

The backstory is that the band couldn’t manage to make a video for the song ‘Wildflower’ that was released earlier this month because all of them went into their respective isolation. And so, they did it with green screens! 

There are flowers, animated gliding things across the screen, and of course tie-dye backgrounds to keep us engaged; ah, a mid-summer psychedelic dream . “You’re the only one who makes me / Every time we / I’ll tell you what I like / My wildflower,” goes the song, calming all our unsteady nerves.

Upon the release of the track, Calum Hood “Wildflower was the wildcard of the album. A song that has opened new avenues for this band to explore. Most importantly it just feels good to listen to and disconnect for a minute. We really feel this video reflects that too and hope you all enjoy!”

Well, there’s only one way to do that – watch on!