Queen of Pop Was Overworking and Pushing Herself Quite Hard

Madonna has shimmied back into the 1980’s scene. She has truly become one of the most successful, driven and beloved female pop stars of all time, ever since and never slowed down until now. She was recently hospitalized for a severe bacterial infection, after being found unresponsive in her home.

Madonna was rehearsing non-stop for her ‘Celebration’ tour. It was envisioned to honour her 40 year musical career and was all set to kickstart on 15th July in Vancouver. The performer had more than 80 dates on the scheduled world tour and also included 6 nights each in New York, Los Angeles and London. However, all these plans have been postponed for an indefinite period now as can be seen.

Image Courtesy: Hello Magazine

It has been reported that Madonna was actually really sick over the last month of planning. The 64 year old was dealing with a fever since a very long time and kept it a secret. She was worried that if she sought medical assistance, it might jeopardize the tour that she has been working so hard for. But naturally, this decision was not a very wise one.

Apparently, a few days before the hospitalization Madonna was overworking as well. She totally burned herself out. It was clearly a very risky decision.

One of her long time friends, Rosie O Donell uploaded a throwback photograph with Madonna, captioning: “Remember, when?”

Image Courtesy: Getty Images

One of the fans enquired how has Madonna been doing ever since her hospitalization. O’Donnel replied that she is recovering well and is generally very strong.

Madonna’s manager Guy Oseary, has stated that her recovery is going to be a process that prioritizes her health over performances. He promised that new dates would be released as soon as they are available, but he has not stated for how long the tour has been postponed or when it would resume. 

Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Despite being in the midst of recovering, Madonna is adamant about starting the tour as soon as possible. Madonna is now at home, in a good mood, holding meetings, and rejecting a suggestion to scale back the tour. Once she regains her strength, she is determined to give as many performances as she can. 

Our best wishes and prayers go out to Madonna for a quick and complete recovery so she can continue the ‘Celebration’ tour while putting her own health first.

-Kaushiki Sarcar