Ranveer’s label featured on NY Times

Ranveer Singh turned his lifelong appreciation of hip-hop into an opportunity to support budding Indian rappers and it’s certainly a success.

The Indian actor, now an entrepreneur, was featured in an article on the New York Times where they document Ranveer’s inspirations and his motive behind starting his own music label “IncInk Records” along with filmmaker Navzar Eranee.

Ranveer garnered attention in the underground music scene in India with his movie “Gully Boy”, also India’s official entry to the 2020 Academy Awards. The story was inspired by lives of the Mumbai rappers ‘Divine’ (Vivian Fernandes) and ‘Naezy’ (Naved Shaikh) as they capture the struggles of the underprivileged and how they have voiced their frustrations through their raps. This brought their works to the mainstream audience and not only promoted western music genres in the Indian music scene but also allowed Hip-Hop and rap to become one of the fastest growing genres in India after the release of the movie according to a recent survey.

IncInk Records has signed artists like ‘Kaam Bhaari’, ‘Spitfire’ (wrote the lyrics for the fan favorite “Asli Hip Hop” from Gully Boy) and ‘SlowCheeta’.

Ranveer Singh dreams to introduce more underground artists with influences from American hip-hop infused with socio-political vernacular, making this music scene a place to uplift voices of the masses. He also wants to make music for all audiences including the hearing impaired audience.

His vision to make music loved and enjoyed by all isn’t far from being achieved and people have high hopes from Ranveer so this is definitely something we all should watch out for!