Ricky Martin is Preparing us For a New Single with Residente & Bad Bunny

The King of Latin Pop has officially announced that he will release a new song called “Cántalo” with Residente and Bad Bunny.

The artist announced this news through an Instagram post along with the new single cover and captioned it, “¡Se dio el junte!Prepárense! #CÁNTALO #Residente #badbunny”

Ricky Martin has been revealing his plans of releasing new music in 2020. He is set to release his new album, “Movimiento” and will be going on tour next year. He has been vocal about the inspiration behind his new album, which is based on protests happening in Puerto Rico. “Everything that happened in Puerto Rico really took me somewhere. Lyrically, it’s full of messages without being preachy. I just need to let the world know how I see things and how things have worked for me by following my instincts. This is what came out of me instinctively in the music that I’m presenting at this moment” he said in an interview.

Martin has been busy lately as he just welcomed his fourth child a few weeks back and he is set to host the 20th annual Latin Grammy Awards next week.

We don’t know when this new single is to be released but we are all pumped up!