Rihanna Has Revealed That New Music is On The Way

After recently announcing that she is expecting her first child, Rihanna has assured fans that new music is still on the way. ‘Anti,’ the pop star’s most recent album, was released in 2016. She’s been teasing it’s “completely different” follow-up for years – and told paparazzi last December that it’s coming “soon soon soon”.

The Barbadian singer talked about her pregnancy and rumours about new songs in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Image Courtesy: Pinkvilla

“It’s all an exciting journey so far. I’m just taking it as it comes every week. There’s always something new and I’m just taking it and I’m enjoying it,” Rihanna said of her pregnancy. She then joked that she’s been craving “donuts, so far”.

While she added that she is focused on “one thing at a time,” Rihanna clarified that music will still land at some point. “Yes, you’re still going to get music from me,” she said. However, when the journalist proposed that the soon-to-be mother include lullabies on her upcoming album, she responded, “My fans would kill me if they waited this long for a lullaby.”

Image Courtesy: The Guardian

Rihanna is expecting her first child with A$AP Rocky, a rapper from the United States. After years of on-and-off conjecture about his relationship with Rihanna, he finally acknowledged it in May. The duo was first linked in 2013 when A$AP accompanied Rihanna on her ‘Diamonds World Tour.’ Rihanna promised fans in September that her long-awaited ninth studio album will have a radically different sound.

“You’re not gonna expect what you hear, just put that in your mind. Whatever you know of Rihanna’s not gonna be what you hear,” she told AP.