You Grew Up To Rihanna? We Have Bad News


Well, its not all that terrible. But it is about to make you feel very old. Remember ‘Pon De Replay’ by Rihanna? The song from the ear where midriff was in fashion? Well it has turned 15 years old today!

Yup, today is the 15th anniversary of all our favourite club banger ‘Pon De Replay’. It was Rihanna’s debut single and established her as a force to look out for.

Rihanna reminded us all in an Instagram story, “Thank you for all the love on this hashtag today! Man this is trippy. Feels like just yesterday I was shaking in the hallways of Def Jam waiting to audition for Jay.”

Of course Rihanna has come a long way we know — she is more than an icon today. She is a trend setter.

Imagine this, ‘Pon De Replay’ was released on 24 May, 2005. We find Rihanna in a club with her friends and, of course, the club is dead. People are standing around sipping drinks and not dancing. Rihanna decides to take things into her own hands and lead the way. That’s when the crop jacket, which was all the rage back then comes off and we see her godly midriff move to the rhythm of her song and people flock to the dance floor. No surprise there. “Pon de Replay is where it all began….15 years later and I’m here because God led me to you, and you guys have held me up, supported me, tolerated me, loved me, kept it too real with me, and we gon always be connected because of that!” she said in her Instagram story. The song was part of her first studio album, Music of the Sun.

Finally, she says in her story, “I love you Navy, and I cherish you. I’m so grateful to be gifted you as my fans and family.”

By: Nupur Saraswat