Riri Too Busy Saving The World To Release Any New Albums

Riri is not about to answer questions she don’t wanna. She made that clear throughout her career and now we know for sure. She went live on Instagram last Friday and was in a pretty chirpy mood and was dishing out banter as usual till some of the fans started pushing in on wanting a release date for her next album. And also wondering if there is a next album or not. 

This is what she had to say without mincing no words: “If one of y’all m***********s ask me about the album one more time when I’m tryna save the world, unlike y’all president….on sight!” 

Tis true she hasn’t released any new albums since 2016 ‘ANTI’ and instead has been salvaging the world with her various missions and brands including ‘Savage X Fenty’, ‘Fenty Maison’, and ‘Fenty Beauty’. 

It is no secret that she recently donated a whooping $4.2 million to charities involved in working to fight domestic violence in times of Coronavirus lockdown. Indeed the woman is on  a mission and we need to back off!