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Rita Ora’s New Video For ‘You Only Love Me’ is a Hyperrealistic Masterpiece

Rita Ora has released a new music video for her single ‘You Only Love Me’. The track, which was also released the same day was co-written by the singer and produced by Lewis Thompson. The song is inspired by Ora’s personal experience of feeling vulnerable at the very start of a romantic journey.

‘You Only Love Me’ begins with a voice memo recorded for Ora’s husband, filmmaker and actor Taika Waititi.

Image Courtesy: NME

“With ‘You Only Love Me’ and my upcoming album, I wanted to capture the vulnerability I’ve experienced as I opened myself up to love and entered a new phase of life,” Ora said in a statement about the song.

Image Courtesy: Italian Post

“Learning to let go of the past to make way for new experiences is a deeply personal process, and one I felt compelled to document through my music – the journey was not always easy, but I’ve come out of it stronger and filled with more love than I ever thought possible.”

The music video which was directed by Charlie Sarsfield was shot in the LA suburbs and depicts a fictional wedding “through the lens of a Stepford Wives-meets-Alice In Wonderland-style narrative”.

The video features cameos from Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Jodie Turner-Smith, Chelsea Handler, Addison Rae, Alexander Stewart and Sharon Stone.

Ora will perform ‘You Only Love Me’ on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on 1st February. The track is the first single from Ora’s upcoming album, which is her first release since signing with BMG.


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