Rosalía Releases Version of ‘Despechá’ With Cardi B

The remix will mark Rosalía’s and Cardi B’s first collaboration. Rosalía teased the song, before revealing Cardi B will be featured in the track. Cardi raps over a catchy mambo beat in ‘Despechá’.

“Since long time ago, I wanted to make music with her,” said Rosalía of the collaboration. She continued,  “And she knows I love her music, and she always supports me too. So I was like, “This song is inspired in Mambo, it’s inspired in música dominicana.” And she’s Dominican, so who else is going to understand this better than her? You know what I mean? Her energy’s super pure and strong. I think that everybody can feel that.”

Image courtesy: RP Online

Rosalía dropped ‘Despechá’ in July, her first single after the release of her Latin Grammy-winning album ‘Motomami’. The track was produced by Chris Jedi and Gaby. It was first teased in the midst of her ‘Motomami’ World Tour and quickly gained social media virality.

Image courtesy: Infobae

In October, ‘Despechá’ scored Rosalía her first No. 1 as a soloist, unaccompanied by any other act.

Check out the Remix below:

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