Sacred Bones Records Has Announced to Release Song by Alan Vega

The Sacred Bones Records has announced that it will be releasing music by Alan Vega. The album was released last year, and Vega Vault is currently preparing to release two previously unreleased tracks: Invasion and Murder One, both of which will be released in February. 

Image Courtesy: CRASH Magazine

The two new tracks explore “the duality of horror and despair coupled with hope and survival”, and were recorded two decades apart from one another in New York City.

‘Invasion’ was recorded towards the end of the 2012-2015 studio sessions for Vega’s posthumous album ‘IT’ and was one of his last recordings; ‘Murder One’ was recorded in 1997-1998, (after the ‘Mutator’ sessions) and is part of a cluster of material that was recorded but never mixed prior to the sessions for his album ‘2007’, which was released in 1999.

Like with ‘Mutator’, ‘Invasion’ and ‘Murder One’ are mixed and produced by Jared Artaud and Vega’s widow Liz Lamere. It will also be released on all digital platforms.

Image Courtesy: The New York Times

“Mutador” was reviewed by the single “Nike Soldier”, “Fist”, and “dirty”. In a three-star review LP, Mark Beaumont wrote: “Vega’s imagination has matured again in the post-indie deconstructions of 2021, and Mutator may be ignited by fans of its distant generations. Kalmar, Perfume genius, Sleaford Mods and Black midi”.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

He added: “A quarter of a century later, the lost noise in post-punk warehouses finds a new context as an uncompromising art lesson from the old master.”

Alan Vega, died in 2016 at the age of 78 and left a strong legacy as an influential artist. Jesus and Mary Chain TB, Bruce Springstin, Thurston Moore, Nick Cave, New Order, Steve Albini, Predators, Claxons, LCD sound system, MY, and others noted that suicide and Vega influenced their music.

—Apeksha Priya