Salem Ilese’s New Song, ‘PS5’, Features TXT and Alan Walker

Salem Ilese, an American singer-songwriter, has released a new single called ‘PS5’, which features several members of the K-pop boy band Tomorrow X Together (TXT).

The song, which was released on 23rd February, features vocals from TXT members Taehyun and Yeonjun, as well as DJ Alan Walker’s production. The song will appear on the singer’s upcoming EP, ‘Unsponsored Content,’ which will be released on 25th February.

Image courtesy- eRadio.USa

Ilese opens the song with a verse and chorus before handing up the keys to the K-pop idols for the second half. “Let’s just move it, I’ll be at mine (Yeah) / Me with the PS5 / Let’s just move it, I’ll be at mine (Yeah) / On the chorus, Taehyun and Yeonjun sing, “Score’s never been this high (So high) / So if you don’t leave, I can find a way to win you over.”

In addition, Ilese earlier posted on TikTok a “open verse” challenge for ‘PS5’ in which fans were encouraged to duet the video with their own verse. TXT replied to the challenge by singing some of the boyband’s portions from the single.

Image courtesy- Sportskeeda

TXT’s viral 2021 track ‘Anti-Romantic’ off their sophomore studio album ‘The Chaos Chapter: Freeze’ was co-written by Ilese. Ilese has written several more TikTok viral songs, including Bella Poarch’s ‘Build a Bitch’ and her own 2020 single ‘Mad At Disney.’

In other TXT news, vocalist Hueningkai recently released a rendition of Canadian artist Avril Lavigne’s early-2000s hit ‘Sk8er Boi,’ just days after the idol responded to a tweet referencing the song.

–Aditi Manjunath