Sam Smith & Demi Lovato Are Ready To Win The Olympics Of Our Hearts

A collaboration for the generations has dropped – Disney superstar and unparallelled achiever Demi Lovato joins hands with a clear English winner (and stunner), Sam Smith. They are here and they are ready to find true love.

The two pop giants announced their collaboration earlier this week and as of today, have dropped the track ‘I’m Ready‘, complete with an epic music video. ‘I’m Ready’ featuring the two artists in various Olympic sports in actual sporting motifs, laden with lyrics like “He’s not a cheater/ A believer/ He’s a warm, warm blooded achiever.” is a wild ride from start to finish.

We see them on race tracks, in fighting rings, standing tall on the diving board of swimming pools — watching the video unfold and literally ‘liking’ the action on TikTok. This definitely puts a new spin on ‘I Love Me’, don’t it? 

The sound of the song is empowering and lends to some theories about if it was meant for the Olympic season because the ending of the song sees a complete medal ceremony where a choir takes on the chorus one last time: “Its a cold night in my bed in the heat of the summer / I’ve been waiting patiently for a beautiful lover / He’s not a cheater /A believer / He’s a warm, warm blooded achiever.” 

Well, watch and decide for yourself.