Sam Smith and John Legend Enter with a Heartwarming Duet!

The ‘One World: Together At Home’ concert happened this weekend, and we are legit wilding out here. There are countless big stories coming in of performances, banter, compliments, and critiques — and this is more than enough, to take us through this entire week, for sure! 

One of the stellar performances that would probably have had fans howling if it were on a stage in an arena — was Sam Smith and John Legend on a split-screen. They got busy with a Ben E. King classic, crooning ‘Stand By Me’, from their respective homes. Legend took this opportunity to be a tad bit cheeky, by sitting in front of all of his many, many awards, while playing the piano. Sam on the other hand, was entirely in his element, closing his eyes at certain points and simply enjoying the music.

If you haven’t managed to get around to catching these big names take to their couches to encourage us to stay home, high time you get around to it. We could tell you how other stars kept us entertained, but we ain’t in the mood to dish out spoilers!