Sam Smith Muses On Simpler Times In ‘Kids Again’

There’s been a lot of chatter in the music industry and Sam Smith is the reason for it. The star recently dropped their sparkling 17-track project, “Love Goes”. Some of the tunes sitting on this album have already found themselves visualizers like, ‘Diamonds,’ ‘To Die For‘ and more recently, ‘Kids Again’. 

Now, ‘Kids Again’ stands at about three and a half minutes, lined with a charming acoustic riff and propelled forward by Sam’s melancholic vocals. Mellow and lulling, the song floats, carrying Smith’s dreamy runs and a choir of haunting melodies along with it. 

Sam Smith Bares His Wounds

Much like the other numbers basking on “Love Goes,” the songwriting is top notch. Sam speaks of cutting ties with a lover, a task they struggle with, as time has moulded both of them into much more complex beings. Smith reminisces on the joys and simplicities of being a kid, a feeling they yearn for but has long been out of their grasp. Take a look:

Livin’ out of suitcases in hotels
Drinking way too much and talking through the night
Really wish I didn’t know you so well
Wouldn’t be so hard to leave the past behind

Do you even think about it?
The way that we changed the world
And don’t it make you sad
That we’ll never be kids again?

The music video captures the theme of this track beautifully. It uses locations often associated with one’s childhood and a rush of excitement. From bumper cars and carousels to the sun descending upon a quiet beach, Smith drifts through these little moments that inevitably make you feel like a child again, stripped of all worries. 

So, perhaps we’ll never be kids again but leave it up to Sam to help us reminisce on all those treasured moments. 

By: Nina Karun