Sam Smith says No to the Tour Life:

Brit-pop singer Sam Smith opened up about their fear for the tour life. Every performing artist has the good and bad to deal with, and turns out year-long tours and constant travelling can take quite the toll on a performer. The singer, who recently confirmed their non-binary identification, opened up about the anxiety and depression that is a part and parcel of the tour life, saying”You’re just on the road for extended periods of time, and away from your family for so long and by the time you’re back, everything has changed.”

Sam has always been open about their love for their family and how important it is to be around them and have them around as well. The flipside to not being around family is of course being able to engage with the fans and perform for them, reaching out to a new audience every night. They went on to say “Performing for the fans is addictive, but I don’t know, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens”.

To tackle the problem of anxiety on tour, Sam has often brought along a tour-therapist – someone who can help them process their feelings and emotions; the idea is to deal with each day as it comes, but Sam expresses their concerns about not being able to deal with these feelings adequately -“Each tour is the same. I do it and come back, and feel exactly the same way,” they elaborated.

Smith has long been deemed one of the best live performers in the industry today, with their killer but stable vocals, Sam has no problems tearing the stage apart and setting it on fire. The announcement of a break from touring may disappoint the singer’s fans. But, maybe it’s all for the best; afterall – Happy Sam makes for happy us!