“Say So” Doja Cat

You b*tches wanted it, now you’ll have it. Say So video tomorrow at 10AM ET,” came the fiery announcement from ‘Doja Cat’ just before she dropped the video for her hit single “Say So”. And you best be prepared with your Hail Marys as you sit down to watch this video, because it gets really hot and naughty.

The single first released in November 2019 featuring on her album “Hot Pink”, and subsequently went viral on the Tik Tok app as the “Say So” dance was done by fans and celebrities alike. Stars like Laura Dern, Jaya Harper, Sofia Wylie, and more participated, making the song an additional viral sensation.

The video is fun, glam and serves all the retro, vintage Barbie vibes one would expect from a performer like Doja Cat. It features the singer hitting on a hardware man – a trope that we’ve seen time and time again, but hey, it’s Doja and Doja does as Doja pleases. The scene sequel is followed by a scene where we see her heading to the disco with her huge a** tiger. You know, like they did in the good old 70s, lol. There she is seen dancing with Donte Colley, the viral Instagram dancer.

The “Say So” dance is just as popular on Tik Tok as the Renegade video went last year. Safe to say that “Say So” will be having the fans dancing for a big part of this year to come which definitely is a good thing because the dance is fun and sexy unlike a lot of viral internet dance trends. A Hot Pink saving grace indeed.

The verdict is: 10/10 would recommend this video as a watch before a first date, or even if you’re just feeling cute