Selena Gomez Does “Rare” Live

We already got a live performance of ‘Lose You To Love Me’, but this still hasn’t satisfied our hunger. Because honestly, the truth is, we’ve also been yearning to listen to her perform ‘Rare’ live. And our wishes have been heard because the singer just performed an acoustic version of the title song, from her No.1 album in Los Angeles’ Village Studios. Gomez was accompanied by only a guitarist and female backup singer. The unplugged version of ‘Rare’ is in total contrast to the music video. The video of this version shows us the singer joking around with the crew and rehearsing the lyrics before she jumps into the song. But this one’s a lot more still, there’s a sense of tranquility that seems to spread through the studio as she sings.

Being a second gift from Selena, this week, we are over the moon. Just a couple of days back, she shocked her fans by dropping ‘Feel Me’ after four years of waiting. Originally, the song was performed by the singer during her Revival Tour in 2016. And, Gomez herself had mentioned she won’t be releasing the track because she did not feel like it would fit in with her album. But thankfully, we got lucky because it looks like she had a change of heart.

‘Rare’ stands far apart from a typical breakup song, because this one demands the value of self worth and we love it.

While she grabbed the microphone at the Villages’ Studios to perform ‘Rare’, her vocals simply sent a wave of shivers down our spine. Well, perhaps that’s the power of self-love isn’t it?