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SelGo and Julia Michaels Get Inked!

Selena Gomez revealed her past years ordeal where she had to undergo a kidney transplant due to complications with Lupus. It was Gomez’s roommate Raisa who came to her rescue as a donor match. The surgery was a painful ordeal as Selena had to undergo a second surgery due to a flipped artery. She also talked to her fans about crippling body image issues and dysphoria that she tackled throughout her career.

Constant support and love was bestowed on her by the Selenators throughout this tough period. During this time Selena sought solace in Julia Michaels and thus began a beautiful friendship!

Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels were seen sporting matching arrow tattoos. This was witnessed after their duet “Anxiety” performance at Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, California. Surprised selenators got a glimpse of the tattoo session through her Instagram story that featured London Reese and Brad Reis inking the two friends. The story captioned with “My arrow points to you forever” captured the in-progress tattoo session.

It is not the first time that selenators have witnessed their icon getting matching tattoos , In 2017 Selena had gotten matching semicolon tattoos with Alisha Boe (Jessica) and Tommy Dorfman (Ryan) the 13 reasons why show stars to commemorate the shows success and support the semicolon project that depicts hope for those suffering with thoughts of suicide and self harm.

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