Selena Gomez is Ready to Take Another Social Media Break

Selena Gomez, who has an on-and-off relationship with social media, is ready to take another break from it! 

“I’m good,” she said in a TikTok live. “I love who I am, I don’t care. I’m big, I’m not, I don’t care. I love who I am. And yeah, I’m gonna be taking a second from social media ’cause this is a little silly. And I’m 30, I’m too old for this. But I love you guys so much! And I will see you guys sooner than later. I’m just gonna take a break from everything.”

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

Selena Gomez announced about her break on the same day she crossed Kylie Jenner and became the most-followed woman on Instagram with 381 million followers. Recently, fans speculated a feud between Gomez and The Kardashians after accidentally laminating her eyebrows too much. However, she shut down the rumours and is still good friends with Kylie Jenner. 

Image Courtesy: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Gomez has always been vocal about the impact of social media on her health, and has never shied away from stepping away from it for a while. “Taking a break from social media was the best decision that I’ve ever made for my mental health,” she said in an interview. I created a system where I still don’t have my passwords. And the unnecessary hate and comparisons went away once I put my phone down. I’ll have moments where that weird feeling will come back, but now I have a much better relationship with myself.”

– Riya Sohini