Selena Gomez Opens Up a “Rare” Can Of Worms

In an interview Selena Gomez broke down the meaning for her song “Rare”. This was her third solo studio album , released on January 10th this year.

In the video Selena Gomez opened up about not keeping in touch with her fans. She brings to light her ordeal of social anxiety and body image issues that cropped up after her break up with Justin Beiber.

She also gave insight to the brain storming session for her album “Rare”, which was not productive at the time . Later she revealed that the idea for “Rare” was put forth by Sir Nolan, who had been on her team since her album “Revival”. Her key aspiration to encourage people and make them feel loved was supposedly the motivation for the album “Rare”.

Selena humbly talks about her passion for people and how that has influenced her drastically. “ I am very Vulnerable with my fans but I don’t want to be in a cycle of self hate ” she said throwing light at the lyrics of her title track “ Baby , you’ve been so distant from me, and lately don’t even wanna call me baby”. Gomez went through a withdrawal for four years where she limited interaction with fans and social media that later helped her come out with “Rare”, that scored higher than ever.

She also addresses the fall out’s that happen in any relationship , be it work or friendship. Selena urged fans to let life run its course , basically take a back seat! Yas queen! We think what we need now is to just chill and take things slow .

“You Don’t Care, What don’t you recognize that I’m so rare , Always there , you don’t do the same for me that’s not fair” Selena explains that in these verses she portrays her struggle with self esteem and confidence. She promised fans that it’s okay to have these issues but make sure to work on them, because baby you are rare! She goes on to say that taking credit and space is something that she wasn’t comfortable with until now.

Well, just like Selena preached, we think that this 2020 is about self love and acceptance , so it’s time to give yourself that pat on your back folks !