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Selena Gomez & Trevor Daniel Team up For ‘Past Life’

This week seems to be buzzing with new music and adding to it all is a brand new remix. This Friday, June 26, will witness the landing of a brand new version of Trevor Daniel’s tune, ‘Past Life’. And who has he recruited for this remix? None other than Selena Gomez. 

So, here’s how it all began. The up and coming artist, Trevor Daniel, recently posted a selfie of himself, wearing Gomez’s merch. Selena reposted this very picture on her Instagram stories, leaving fans bubbling with theories. And not too long after, the duo confirmed their collaboration. 

‘Past Life’ finds its space on Trevor Daniel’s debut studio album ‘Nicotinewhich he released back in March. Laced with melancholic guitar riffs and the young star’s airy vocals, we’re curious to see what the remixed version of this tune sounds like and how Selena Gomez fits in. 

So, How Did Trevor Daniel Make his Breakthrough in the Industry?

Daniel found his footing in the music industry in October 2018, when he released his debut EP, ‘Homesick’. Originally, born in Texas, Daniel crafted his early songs from his bedroom and released them on SoundCloud. Through the art of imitation and learning with a reference, Daniel was able to get a grasp of what he calls “classical singing”. The artist has mentioned that while he grew up trying his hand at Rap, he’s now transitioned into more of a singer than a rapper.

Anyway, coming back to the present, Trevor Daniel broke the news on Instagram, with a little animation of the song’s cover art. It features dancing flowers and an old telephone, sitting against a white backdrop. Below, written in faded black are the words, ‘Past Life’ along with both artists’ names. 

This isn’t Trevor’s first tune to be treated to a remix. Previously, blackbear and Summer Walker climbed aboard for his chart-topping hit ‘Falling’.  

Anyway, for now, let’s wait and see what goodies this Friday will bring forth. 

By: Nina Karun

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