Selena Gomez Unveils Empowering New Song ‘Single Soon’

Selena Gomez makes a solo music comeback with the release of ‘Single Soon’, a dynamic and playful track that exudes empowerment. Crafted in collaboration with producers Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat, ‘Single Soon’ emerges as a vibrant anthem for the dance floor, as Gomez trades a relationship for her personal liberation.

Lyrics “I’m pickin’ out this dress / Tryin’ on these shoes / ‘Cause I’ll be single soon / I’ll be single soon / I know he’ll be a mess / When I break the news / But I’ll be single soon” make a point to highlight that the singer will not spend another moment hung up on an ex.

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Directed by Philip Andelman, the music video commences with Gomez penning a message that states ‘I’m sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me’ which she places on her former partner’s desk. This moment pays homage to a scene from the popular HBO series, ‘Sex and the City’, reminiscent of when the protagonist, Carrie Bradshaw, endures a breakup through a post-it note. Following this, Gomez dons a sparkling gown, reunites with her companions, and raises a glass in celebration of her newfound independence, all while dancing exuberantly throughout the night.

In the preceding week, Gomez made an announcement regarding her intention to unveil a fresh track, aiming to keep her fans engaged as she continues to finalize her third album. Using her Instagram platform, she posted an image of the song’s artwork along with a corresponding caption:

“Y’all have been asking for new music for a while. Since I’m not quite done with SG3, I wanted to put out a fun little song I wrote a while back that’s perfect for the end of summer.”

Selena Gomez My Mind and Me Documentary - Release Date, Spoilers
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Following the premiere of her documentary ‘My Mind and Me,’ the pop artist had previously offered insight into her forthcoming musical trajectory. In an interview earlier this year, she articulated that while her inclination would be to continue crafting ballads indefinitely, her aspiration is to create music that elicits smiles and joy from listeners.

“The music I’m doing right now is about real things that I’m walking through. It’s really powerful, strong, very pop. The theme generally is freedom—freedom from relationships, freedom from the darkness,” she told the publication.

Selena Gomez Includes 'Sex and the City' Easter Egg in the 'Single Soon'  Music Video
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Shifting focus, there’s noteworthy news about Fred Again.. who provided a sneak peek of an upcoming song collaboration involving Gomez. In a recent live performance this past weekend, the DJ and producer showcased an unreleased composition showcasing Gomez’s vocal contributions, complemented by what seems to be a sample extracted from Laura Rivers’ 1967 track ‘That’s All Right’.

Just recently, Gomez, alongside Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Meryl Streep, unveiled the third season of the Emmy-nominated series ‘Only Murders In The Building’. A preview for the latest season was made available earlier this month.