Shakira Reflects on Her New Collaborative Track With Manuel Turizo Called ‘Copa Vacia’

On 29th June, Shakira and Manuel Turizo unveiled their latest collaboration. The song called ‘Copa Vacia’ introduced Shakira as a sea creature, specifically a mermaid with pink hair. Despite her separation from Gerard Piqué, Shakira continues to achieve remarkable success, including breaking four world records with her song ‘Music Sessions #53’ alongside Bizarrap. 

Her collaborations with Karol G on ‘TQG’ and her heartfelt single dedicated to her children, ‘Acrostico,’ have also been met with positive reviews. ‘Copa Vacia’ with Manuel Turizo adds to Shakira’s impressive discography as her latest musical offering.

       Image Courtesy: Instagram

The track, which has nearly 10 million views on YouTube makes a reference to Shakira’s relationship with Pique yet again. The Colombian, nevertheless, sought to clarify the true significance of the ‘Copa Vacia’ music video through a commentary that she posted on Instagram.      

Image Courtesy: Spotify

The Barranquilla-born artist posted a comment from one of her fans on her stories. The fan had analysed the music video, trying to decipher the deeper significance, and Shakira praised the explanation by adding, ‘Nailed it’.

Image Courtesy: YouTube

“This time we see Shakira as a mythological mermaid swimming in calm waters, Manuel makes his appearance, interrupting this tranquility and trapping her in his nets. She, who had the immensity and majesty of the sea, now only has a sad little fishbowl where she can hardly be seen. Turizo looks at her behind the glass, evidencing the only and crystalline wall between the two of them,” the comment reads.

“The great sacrifice of this sea Goddess has been in vain and the human is only entertained with his banal affairs. Shak has been tied with a noose of indifference, has ended up thrown in a dumpster and surrounded by rats. Her instinct for self-preservation will finally give her hope of returning to the sea where she is so happy, where she is so free,” reads the comment from Shakira’s follower.

-Kaushiki Sarcar