Shawn inspired Camila’s new album?

Back in 2015, when Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello released a single together called I Know What You Did Last Summer, the fans from both parties were instantly shipping the two singers and hoping that the chemistry they shared on-screen would be shared off-screen as well. Fast forward to mid 2019, and the fans prayers have been answered.

The duo released the iconic track ‘Senorita’ in July and the steamy music video with Cabello and Mendes had dating rumours spewing again. Weeks after speculation, Mendes confirmed their relationship. Following which, a stream of PDA images of the two pop-stars surfaced online.

Recently, when Camila Cabello was asked what the inspiration behind her new album ‘Romance’, that will be released on December 1st was, she said that the album is centred around her falling in love with the ‘Lost in Japan’ singer and the chaos that ensues when you fall in love.

She goes on to say that she and her boyfriend are collaborating on life now and that they will see about a collaboration in music later. Our ‘Shawmila’ hearts are anxiously waiting for this colla