Shawn Mendes Opens Up About ‘Wonder’, Love & More

Shawn Mendes on the set of 'Wonder'

Following the release of his brand new single, ‘Wonder’, Shawn Mendes opened up about the new album, and his inspiration. But, most importantly – how all roads lead back to Camila Cabello. The Canadian singer-songwriter released ‘Wonder’ on the 2nd of October. And, the track marked his first solo release since 2018, and explored a more vulnerable side of Mendes’ artistic persona

What ‘Wonder’ Holds in Store

Now, Shawn Mendes has fed fans world over with a whole lot of information about his upcoming album – also titled ‘Wonder’. In addition, Shawn teased a collaboration that he thinks “[we’ll] be very happy with,” that will feature on the upcoming project. But, while that news keeps us on our toes, the singer swiftly denied a Camila Cabello collaboration on the album. 

Further, speaking of his time spent with Cabello in quarantine, Shawn revealed that their time together greatly impacted his music making process. Of ‘Wonder’, he said, “She was with me every step of the way. And, she would tell me, ‘just stick with it. Even if you think it’s crazy, just stick with this’.” Further, he revealed, “I really do love this album. I’m really proud of it.”

Camila Cabello – The Muse

In addition, Mendes revealed that his quarantine was spent journalling, cooking and doing laundry, getting a taste of the “normal life”. He also opened up about his relationship with fellow pop star, Camila Cabello. The two went public with their relationship back in 2019. And, by way of sweet confession, Shawn revealed, “Pretty much the entire album is about her. Unless, there was something else I didn’t know I was writing about.” 

‘Wonder’, Shawn Mendes’ fourth studio album, is slated for release on the 4th of December, 2020.