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Sia Releases New Song “Exhale” with ‘kenzie’: Listen Now 

Sia features on a new track called "Exhale" with 'kenzie'

Pop superstar, Sia, jumps back into the music world with a feature on a pop banger titled, “Exhale”. The track is led by Mackenzie Ziegler (stage name – ‘kenzie’), the younger sister of Sia’s frequent dance collaborator, Maddie Ziegler.

The release of “Exhale” was teased sometime last month and has finally arrived, accompanied by a self-shot quarantine music video. The fun, montage-esque music video sees ‘kenzie’ dancing around in her house, joined by some of her closest friends and their individual selfie videos. Sia, in typical fashion, doesn’t appear in the video. 

“Exhale” is an up-beat pop track that uses prominent percussion elements to support the sultry vocals provided by ‘kenzie’. Sia joins in on the second verse with her signature vocals, followed by a skillful, high-energy riff in the bridge.

The track talks about taking a moment to unwind and focusing on the now. The pre-chorus sees ‘kenzie’ offering up the lines: “You been holding on and on for way too long/ the beat is heated up the bass go boom//you been working double time to catch your breath/the tempo speeded up but don’t stop yet”.

The refrain, “exhale”, reaches us as ‘kenzie’ and Sia break into the chorus singing: “you need to/ ex-hale// so let everything go/ baby you in control.”

The track is reminiscent of past work by Sia in terms of its lyrical content – let go and have fun.

Maddie Ziegler, Mackenzie’s older sister, caught her big break first on the reality TV Show, “Dance Moms” and then as the star dancer in all of Sia’s music videos.

Taking a page from that book, Mackenzie has made a name for herself in the world of entertainment too. Walking her own road, she has etched a space for herself as a “YouTuber” and has gone on to release songs like “HOT”, “Breathe”, “Monsters (aka haters)”, and more.

“Exhale” by ‘kenzie’ ft. Sia is out now on all platforms.

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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