Sia Reveals She Had a Face Lift 

The ‘Chandelier’ singer made waves at the fifth annual Daytime Beauty Awards in Los Angeles recently, where she graced the stage to present an award to the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Ben Talei. But it wasn’t just any award; it was a recognition of his outstanding achievement in medicine, particularly in the field of facial aesthetics. However, what made headlines was Sia’s candid revelation that she had undergone a facelift by Dr. Talei himself.

Sia’s transparency was evident in her words as she addressed the audience, “I’m a pop star that normally hides my face and doesn’t lie about s—. I got an amazing facelift from Dr. Talei.” She went on to praise his incredible work, emphasizing that it extended beyond just the world of pop stars. Sia even took the opportunity to share her before-and-after photos with someone backstage, eliciting compliments that affirmed the procedure’s success. She couldn’t help but express her deep appreciation, saying, “I love him, I can’t say enough good about him.”

Image Courtesy: GQ

Dr. Ben Talei, the creator behind Sia’s transformation, aims for a natural look with all his clients. His philosophy centers on respecting the anatomy, ensuring that the results appear as authentic as possible. A facelift involves removing visible signs of aging and excess tissue around the face’s perimeter, and skillfully repositioning the remaining skin to restore a youthful appearance. Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that these results aren’t permanent, as they are subject to the natural aging process.

Sia’s decision to share her facelift journey with the world marks a significant departure from her trademark disguise, a signature blonde wig that concealed most of her facial features throughout her mainstream career. She explained in a recent interview that she initially adopted the wig as a way to create a protective “bubble” around herself during her journey to sobriety. But now, with newfound clarity, she’s contemplating returning to the stage without the wig, reconnecting with her audience, and reliving the joy of live performances.

Image Courtesy: People 

This isn’t the first time Sia has been open about her cosmetic enhancements. In 2021, she revealed that she had undergone liposuction on her chin, believing she had a double chin, only to discover it was the muscles she used to sing. This admission serves as a reminder of the pressures and insecurities that even the most celebrated artists face, and how they, like all of us, seek ways to navigate and overcome them.

Sia’s openness about her cosmetic procedures not only shatters the stereotype of beauty being a secret but also encourages a broader conversation about self-acceptance and authenticity. She’s a pop star who’s embracing her journey, no longer hiding behind a wig, and now openly acknowledging the work she’s done. Sia’s candid revelation is a breath of fresh air, reminding us that there’s beauty in being true to oneself, no matter what form it takes. 

-Britney Jones