Silverstein Announces An ‘Out Of This World’ Concert

The Canadian rock band, Silverstein has announced a virtual concert. It is a special three-part concert called ‘Out Of This World’.

The concert will be packed with music and entertainment alike. Silverstein has ensured, each part of the concert encapsulate a unique theme like The greatest hits, Discovering the Waterfront and Acoustic, and Unplugged.

Silverstein vocalist, in a press statement, said, “’Out Of This World’ will offer three different sets featuring our greatest hits, acoustic jams and ‘Discovering The Waterfront’ in its entirety”.

“But of course, it will be more than just music, more than just bangers… We have enlisted some of the best people in the country to help us pull this off, so expect the finest in production quality, video and sound. Fans will get to hear a variety of tunes spanning our entire career and a few songs we haven’t played live in a long time… or ever.” He added.

Grab Your Tickets Now!

There is no reason for viewers to miss the concert as the series are scheduled to take place on consecutive Saturdays. The Silverstein concert will commence on February 6th at 10 pm GMT. Viewers that purchase tickets for each set will also allow on-demand viewing after March 1st.

Perks Perks Perks!

This is not all. The band has curated an exciting and fulfilling package for its fans as the special VIP ticket bundles grant fans a chance to attend a virtual meet and greet with Silverstein. What’s more, the digital tickets and special band merch bundles are available on the band’s website for purchase.

Silverstein, To ‘Infinite’

The band hasn’t ceased to treat its fans. Like, in September 2020, the band released an alternate version of their track ‘Infinite’ with a music video as well.

The video was extremely creative featuring voice recordings from fans who reflected on how they coped through the pandemic. Silverstein also took the creation a notch higher by including footage of eerily quiet locations observed from Canada, home of the band.

‘Infinite’ is a track from the band’s ninth studio album “A Beautiful Place To drown”. Silverstein released the original version in March last year.

By: Aatira Kakroo