Simon Cowell Might Relaunch ‘The X-Factor’ in The US

Simon Cowell is in talks for relaunching the infamous show ‘The X-Factor’ in the US once again. The show initially began airing in the UK in 2004, but Cowell brought it to the US in 2011 to have a bigger audience. However, the show only aired for three years, and then Cowell returned to the UK to continue judging on the UK version of the show. This brought the show to a sudden standstill but now, he might just bring it back to the US.

Image Courtesy: Deadline

The X-Factor from the UK was cancelled only a year ago after running 17 seasons successfully, which explains Cowell’s interest in the states again. A Deadline report suggests that the talks for reviving the show on NBC are underway, wherein Cowell has stated that the network has “offered us to make the show.”  There are no other details available regarding the show as of now. 

A documentary about the show is also in the pipeline, wherein two production companies are working on the TV special. This special will be focusing on the lives of the contestants in and around the show. This comes after some contestants complained about the way they were treated behind the screens when they participated in the show. 

Image Courtesy: In Touch Weekly

According to sources, “there are currently some former contestants telling their stories for the programme. There are some out there who believe they were mistreated by the X Factor machine. They are now going to get their chance to have a say.” A number of former contestants also celebrated the show being shut down forever.

– Riya Sohini