Six60 Performs For 20,000 People In New Zealand

Six60, a five member band hailing from New Zealand, played for their countrymen at a local concert. The head count was estimated to be around 20,000. This is the largest concert to be held post the lockdown. 

Thanks New Zealand for giving us major nostalgia about life pre-Covid-19!

No More Covid-19 For NZ?

As thousands of music fans went to the Six60 concert in Waitangi, New Zealand on Saturday, January 16th, there was reported to be no social distancing. This may seem risky but New Zealand has managed to tackle and contain the virus effectively over the last year. 

Its alert level sits at one, with only a few imported cases or isolated local cases occurring. This means that the country has been able to allow for social gatherings since the end of 2020. As of January 15, 2021, the country had 76 active cases of the virus, raising its overall total to 2,246 infections since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

It would appear that life has kicked back to normal in New Zealand. The country has hit headlines repeatedly for being able to get back on their feet successfully, after all. 

A Glimpse Of What Could Be

The concert in Waitangi was the first of Six60’s six-date nationwide summer tour. The 20,000 estimated concert-goers were standing in close proximity to each other, and were not required to wear masks. Six60’s Chris Mac even jostled in the crowd as social distancing was scrapped and everyone present there could move in as close together as possible. Band member Marlon Gerbe said, “The venue is iconic. It’s very symbolic of this country,” he said, explaining how the five members had only visited and learned the true significance of the area recently.

The success of New Zealand’s strategy was rewarded with new figures showing a 19% growth in the job market in the final quarter of 2020. It has also been reported that the economy grew 14% in the third quarter of last year. 

By: Aatira Kakroo