6ix9ine vs Snoop Dogg: A Feud is Bubbling

snoop dogg

6ix9ine is out of prison and out with a brand new track. He has cluttered a lot of buzz around him and for good reason. He has the public’s undivided attention.

But Snoop Dogg is not happy.

Elliott Wilson, the Chief Content Officer of TIDAL, posted a screen grab of 6ix9ine’s new track on Instagram — ‘Gooba’, and the comment section has taken a hit.

Snoop Dogg appeared out of the woodworks to say, “They gotta stop pushing this”

The general consensus seem to agree, while some saying that Elliott is a journalist and not from the streets so bears no obligations to take a side.

But Snoop Dogg is having none of it. He added, “All these media outlets making snitching cool. I’m old school. Fuck 69 and everybody pushing his line right now, all New York GZ feel me on this and if you don’t fuck u2.”

He even roped in Meek Mill and the long standing rivalry he has had with 6ix9ine and wrote: “@meekmill if you allow sucka shit you a sucka. Love you cuz stay sucka free.”

This isa whole mouthful and what looks like a start of new rivalries for 6ix9ine. But will he extend peace? Time will tell.

Of course all this is creating a heavy buzz considering that 6ix9ine has managed to break Drake’s record of amassing 300,00 viewers on his Instagram Live. Tekashi69 managed a 2 million viewership on his Live video when he first announced the ‘Gooba’ track and went on a rant about being a rat. He has absolutely no qualms with the label and wore it quite proudly. Saying no one could’ve done what he did. He said, “Where was the loyalty when you were caught on the wire tap trying to kill me, where was the loyalty when you were trying to kidnap my mother, where was the loyalty when you stole a million dollars from me?”

Added to this, the news is that he recently had to move houses because his house arrest location was leaked online.