Snoop Dogg Will Be Launching ‘Snoop Loopz’ Breakfast Cereal

Snoop Dogg has announced the launch of ‘Snoop Loopz,’ his very own brand of breakfast cereal.

The gluten-free cereal offers “more corn, more flavour, and more marshmallows,” and sports a spoon-wielding blue dog on its technicolour packaging.

Snoop Dogg Launces His Own Breakfast Cereal, Snoop Loopz - The Teal Mango
Image Courtesy: The Teal Mango

“The best tasting cereal in the game,” Master P wrote in the accompanying Instagram announcement, “[Snoop Dogg], we’re taking over grocery stores”.

The cereal will be distributed by Broadus Foods, a company that Snoop Dogg (actual name Calvin Broadus) created and which now sells a range of breakfast items under the Snoop brand, such as oatmeal, pancake mix and syrup.

The Snoop Loopz website states that a portion of the proceeds from cereal sales will go to charities that support a range of problems, including homelessness. Master P wrote about the proceeds: “The more we make, the more we give.” The cereal has not yet received a release date.

Snoop Dogg drops new Snoop Loopz cereal and breakfast won't ever be the  identical once more - FreshSociety
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Snoop Dogg has undertaken a number of previous food and beverage endeavours.  Earlier this year, Snoop launched a new wine under his 19 Crimes label in collaboration with Martha Stewart, expanding the range to include red and rosé wines from California.

For his part, Master P has been dabbling in the food business for a while, launching a variety of ramen noodles, energy drinks and cereals under his Uncle P’s food brand.

Snoop Dogg joins a long list of other rappers who have ventured into the food industry. The Kid Laroi and Kanye West both worked with McDonald’s in May, creating for the fast food giant, a customised food order and an innovative burger package respectively.

Snoop Dogg buys Death Row Records -- label that launched career
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Snoop Dogg said last week that he will feature in and produce ‘The Underdoggs’, a forthcoming comedic film based on the rapper’s experience coaching juvenile football, further broadening his non-musical endeavours.