Stray Kids Aren’t Pulling Any Punches in ‘Easy’

It’s always thrilling to start the week with a brand new release, isn’t it? Today, sitting on the platter, is Stray Kids with the music video for their track, ‘Easy’. 

‘Easy’ is settled on the band’s latest album, ‘GO LIVE’ which released just a few weeks ago, on June 17th. The album garnered a lot of attention and praise as the boys experimented with an entirely different sound for this project. They stepped right out of their comfort zones and this is reflected clearly in ‘Easy’. 

So, What Do Stray Kids Bring to the Table with this Tune?

Lined with some sleek Hip Hop beats, the rapline are quick to steal the show with this tune. Not only are their styles entirely different, giving the song some layers, but it’s also combined well with the other distorted melodies in this track. 

The lyrics show us signs of renewed confidence, this time around, Stray Kids are bolder than ever and it looks like nothing can slow them down.

All the commotion about me can just go away
The time that was so harsh, so terrible, so lonely for me
Can go sell gold

I followed the wind
Everything I said and wished for came true like this
I’m doubtful that nothing is easy
My doubts grow so stronger that they make me curious

The music video passes on fancy sets and outfits, choosing to focus solely on their choreography, which is fun and power-packed. The boys are seen under neon lighting, dancing in a few wildly different landscapes. While the video doesn’t particularly stand out, the song surely does.

Along with the release of their album, Stray Kids also put out the music video for their title track ‘God’s Menu’, which created quite the buzz. 

Currently, the boys are gearing up for their live performance of ‘Easy’ on Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’, and a number of other music shows.

By: Nina Karun