Stray Kids Leave More To Be Desired with Japanese Track ‘ALL IN’

The smashing South-Korean group, Stray Kids, just offered up the first taste of their Japanese mini-album, “ALL IN”. The boys just dropped the title track of the same name along with its fiery new visualizer

‘ALL IN’ sees Stray Kids toss up the same formula: a cocktail of sleek rap verses paired with a pretty melody in the pre-chorus. While the boys do dabble with some groovy beats, they don’t really aid in giving the song much variety. The chorus too, sees the group harmonize, but somewhere, the energy falls a little flat and though, Stray Kids are known to put out quirky, catchy bangers, it feels as though something was missing from this number. 

Coming to the theme of this track, it sees Stray Kids trudge through familiar territory. The boys discuss ideas of climbing to the top, no matter the odds. The lyrics see them pushing themselves to prove their worth in an industry choked with the building pressure to “make it”. Here, take a look:

It’ll fly big from the beginning 
You can’t miss this game plan 
Even if we’re stopped, we gon’ break that
Can’t even take that, can’t step down

Put everything in, that’s the answer 

It won’t fade away, this flame in my heart

The music video for ‘ALL IN’ proves to be an adrenaline rush from start to finish. From burning billboards to power-packed dance routines and shots of the boys delivering verses in front of the press – the video arrives with a welcomed burst of energy. 

Stray Kids are currently gearing up to drop their first Japanese mini-album on November 4th and this record will nurse a few new numbers along with Japanese versions of some of their older hits like ‘God’s Menu‘,’ ‘Back Door,’ and ‘SLUMP’. 

By: Nina Karun