Stray Kids Pack a Punch with ‘Back Door’: Watch Now

Stray Kids make explosive landing with 'Back Door'

South Korean boy group, Stray Kids, have made yet another explosive landing onto the music scene with their latest release, ‘Back Door’. The song serves as the title track from their latest album, “IN LIFE”, and sees the boys armed with power-packed choreography, hard-hitting raps and groovy bass heavy electronic sound. 

With ‘Back Door’, Stray Kids invites listeners to join them for a night of fun, dancing and letting loose, leaving all their worries behind. The new release follows in the same vein of the group’s previous show-stealers, like ‘MIROH’, ‘God’s Menu’, and more. But, simultaneously, the group offers fans a new facet in terms of sound, incorporating groovy bass-lines and synth elements. 

Produced by the group’s producers, members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han, also known to fans as 3RACHA, ‘Back Door’ is sure-shot ear worm. It combines the members’ energy-packed raps with powerful vocals and is, all in all, a successful comeback. 

‘Back Door’ features on their most recent release – a repackaged album titled “IN LIFE”. The track has also climbed to the top of local charts in South Korea, upon release. The track, and the album are now available on all streaming platforms. 

In addition, Stray Kids has managed to dominate the Billboard World Albums chart with successful back-to-back releases. And, fans world over, continue to celebrate their success.

By: Ahalya Narayanan