Stray Kids Tease New Single ‘Back Door’

As the rising Kpop act, Stray Kids, gear up to release the repackaged version of their album, ‘GO Live’, they’ve been treating fans to a string of mesmerizing teasers. And their latest offering has been a snippet of the music video for the track, ‘Back Door’. 

The teaser, which just about touches one minute, proves to be quite the cinematic treat. It opens with a shot of Stray Kids standing at the base of a towering building. As the camera backtracks, the boys are seen surrounded by a group of businessmen and women. We then see the group’s rapline spit some fiery rhymes under blood-red lightning before the screen goes dark. 

Their teaser also managed to give us a solid taste of the track. Lined with a thumping bass line and dark trap mixes, we might just see the band’s rappers steal the spotlight for this tune. Now, the band recently also dropped their main teaser for their repackaged album, ‘IN LIFE’ or ‘IN生’. The members of Stray Kids are seen sporting new hairdos that had Twitterati in an absolute meltdown. While this teaser didn’t hint at much, we did get a brief taste of the possible theme behind this album: rebellion. 

Previously, with their latest project, ‘GO Live’ Stray Kids didn’t shy away from dabbling with some heavy themes. It also appears that with their first studio album, they’ve reinvented their sound, opting for sleek synths and darker trap mixes. Much like the up and coming band, ATEEZ, Stray Kids have also mastered their ability of juggling scorching rap verses with powerful melodies. 

While ‘Go Live’ witnessed raging success, their new teasers for ‘IN生’ have also garnered a lot of attention. Their repackaged album is set to make its landing on September 14th and going by what we’ve heard so far, ‘IN LIFE’ also promises to be quite the treat from start to finish.  

By: Nina Karun