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SuperM Bring The Fire with Their New Single ‘100’

The hit Kpop group, SuperM, just made their explosive landing with the scorching new track, ‘100’. This tune serves as the band’s first single off the upcoming album, “Super One”. 

Now, the track arrives with a burst of energy, and it rides that wave from start to finish. ‘100’ opens with husky whispered verses, courtesy Lee Taemin, before diving straight into the first rap piece. The tune squeezes in a sliver of pretty melodies, between sets of powerful rap verses – an arrangement characteristic of SuperM’s previous numbers. With ‘100’ the seven-member band have also chosen to dabble with dynamic electronic beats, which set the high-energy pace of the entire song. 

Diving Into The Soundscape & Concept of ‘100’

Interestingly, SuperM, has weaved every verse and chorus seamlessly together, to create one continuous flow. The song doesn’t have much breathing space apart from Taemin and Baekhyun’s gorgeous falsettos. And they vanish before you have the chance to fully enjoy them. So, perhaps that’s the only issue with the track. SuperM has some phenomenal vocalists on board, but they aren’t utilized nearly as well as they should be. ‘100’ seems to depend far too much on its dubstep-like beats and heated raps – which are groovy enough, though they don’t exactly make the tune stand out.

Just like the title suggests, ‘100’ speaks of the band’s ambitions to rise to the top. Bubbling with confidence, all seven members aim to steal the attention of every crowd out there and they have no intentions of slowing down. Much like the pace of the song itself. 

Now, coming to the music video, it witnesses some fabulous, futuristic sets. The boys are seen executing some power-packed choreography in brightly lit corridors, among fleets of race cars and even from within a speeding train. Apart from the fancy sets, it seems like the video’s main goal is to leave you drooling over their sleek outfits, vibrant hairdos and of course, the strong dance routine. And it delivers on all these fronts. 

And so, SuperM’s first single off their upcoming album has arrived with quite the adrenaline rush. Our only hope is that the band’s vocalists enjoy more time under the spotlight in their next release, ‘Tiger Inside’ slated to drop on September 1st. 

By: Nina Karun

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