SuperM Dish Out Secrets Behind Their New Album ‘Super One’

The star-studded Kpop act, SuperM, recently sat down for an interview wherein they dished out details on their upcoming album, “Super One”. The septet have already given us a firm taste of this record through their singles, ‘Tiger Inside’ and ‘100’ – both arriving with entirely different flavours, leaving just enough room for intrigue. 

Now, SuperM consists of an array of talented artists. The band features EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai, SHINee’s Taemin, NCT’s Mark, Taeyong, Lucas and Ten. Since their debut in 2019, the band has shown us that the defining factor of their music is their ability to juggle fiery rap verses with stunning melodies. And with a little help from high-energy EDM beats, their tracks have already reached the global stage. 

Speaking of their main aim behind this album, the lead dancer and vocalist of the group, Taemin explained, “Our first goal is to clearly establish our identity as a group and leave a strong impression through this album.” Kai then pitched in with, “We want to show our hidden potential through our promotions as SuperM.”

Baekhyun of EXO then went on to highlight the fact that since the members of SuperM all come from such different backgrounds, both in terms of style and sound, it adds a nice blend of flavours to their music. “By mixing together members who all had their own distinctive styles and colors within their respective groups, we plan to show a new kind of potential as SuperM,” the star explained. 

The band went on to hint that the title track of their album would soon drop and that it was “all of the members’ favorite song from the album.”

Their album, “Super One” will make its landing on September 25, but if we’re lucky, their lead track might just reach us even sooner. 

By: Nina Karun