SuperM Drop Teasers For Upcoming Single ‘Tiger Inside’

The star-studded Kpop group, SuperM, recently gave us a first taste of their upcoming album with the track, ‘100‘. This marks the first of two pre-release tracks the boys are bringing to the table. Next in line is their single, ‘Tiger Inside’, which will also find a spot on their debut record “Super One”. 

SuperM recently took to social media to share group teasers for this track, inevitably driving fans into a sudden spiral. The teasers feature the septet standing under a glass roof in some stunning outfits. The boys are seen donning black and white suits, embroidered with gold floral patterns. Gauging from the traditional aesthetics of their outfits, perhaps it’s not too far-fetched to predict that this track will feature some folk influences.

 SuperM also dished out that there would be five separate covers for their upcoming album. They’ve given fans a taste of a few of them, which mostly feature shots of the boys in sultry causual wear, under a grayscale filter. 
Now, tracking back to the band’s first single, ‘100’, this tune proved to be an adrenaline rush from start to finish. Featuring a cocktail of fast-paced electronic beats and fiery rhymes, ‘100’ was a burst of pure energy.

The boys also went on to make their U.S. morning TV debut when they performed this track on ‘Good Morning America’. As the band’s leader, Baekhyun (from EXO) articulated in a brief statement prior to the performance, “We debuted in L.A. last year, so we’ve had a very special connection with our fans ever since.” He then added, “We love our fans and could not be here without them.’

Speaking of ‘100’, the band’s lead rapper, Mark explained, “The song itself is very strong and dynamic, but it also holds a positive message and we want to tell our fans that we wish to give our 100% to you guys. We hope you receive our energy, and know we can overcome all of our negativity through that energy together.” SuperM also touched upon the fact that their upcoming album would see them dabbling in a spectrum of different genres. 

Now, whether ‘Tiger Inside’ follows along the same brushstroke of ‘100’, we’ll just have to wait and see. 

By: Nina Karun