SuperM Tap Into Their Primal Nature for ‘Tiger Inside’

SuperM has arrived with a brand new treat for fans to lap up: ‘Tiger Inside’. This tune landed with its very own visualizer and serves as the second single off the band’s upcoming album, “Super One”. 

Forged from a rattling bass line and warped synths, ‘Tiger Inside’ proves to be a sultry, dance track. Composed by Moonshine and Alexander Magnus Karlsson, this track takes a huge step away from the band’s first single, ‘100‘. For starters, the fiery rap verses in this tune prove to have a lot more character. In line with the song’s theme, we hear their rap pieces incorporate growls and a seductive confidence, courtesy Mark and Taeyong. We see this tactic mirrored in the chorus of ‘Tiger Inside’ too. The band’s catchy falsettos land upon distorted growls and harmonies, emphasizing the unique arrangement of this single. 

The concept behind this track is ridden with a string of interesting metaphors. ‘Tiger Inside’ urges us to rely on our primal nature, so that we can face the world with a little more courage on hand. A glance at the songwriting will show you that the boys have weaved in the ideas with a lot of thought:

A tiger inside of you
Bit by the law of forest
Oops, a fire that’s about to start inside
Hurry and step on me, don’t let it get bigger
Don’t tie me, tie me up, tie me, tie me up
I won’t bite you if you let me be

A tiger inside of you
Lets you free in to roam this world more widely

Now, diving into the music video for this track, it arrives with an odd sense of nostalgia for fans of the seasoned group, EXO. The visual opens with a shot of the band, silhouetted against a dark cave, standing in a position extremely reminiscent to that seen in the music video for EXO’s 2013 track, ‘Wolf’. But as the video unfolds, it witnesses the similar eye-catching traits of SuperM’s previous work. ‘Tiger Inside’ is defined by its power-packed dance routine, grand sets and brilliant use of lighting. While it proves to be an enjoyable watch, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Though, it’s worth mentioning that the septet are seen in traditional, embroidered-folk attire which does succeed in making the visual all the more stunning.

And so, by gifting us with two starkly different singles, we’re curious to see what route their upcoming album will follow. 

By: Nina Karun