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Taemin Releases Sultry Ode to Self-Identity: ‘IDEA’

Taemin is back with 'IDEA'

Lee Taemin of SHINEE has made his comeback on the music scene with his highly anticipated album: “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2”. The release serves as his third album as a solo artist and was accompanied by the title track, ‘IDEA’. Now, strap in because this one goes hard.

‘IDEA’ by Taemin marks the follow up to his recent release, ‘Criminal’. And, in this one, he’s taking a different route. Paralleling art, love and identity, he details a tortured journey of “finding a new identity”. Singing in the vein of what it’s like to have an ‘idea’ that consumes you, Taemin takes listeners through the journey of self-discovery. In addition, the track arrived with its very own, and in signature fashion, highly-stylised music video.

Featuring vibrant sets, intricate choreography and a dazzling Taemin, this comeback is a visual spectacle from start to finish. ‘IDEA’ is a high-energy electronic song. Characterised by a familiar hook, and equally familiar vocal arrangements, the track lacks the signature flavour of a Lee Taemin track. And, that flavour is defined by the phrase, “expect the unexpected”; this one walks roads well travelled. Still, the performer manages to captivate with intriguing, dark and inviting choreography – something he stays in character for.

‘IDEA’ finds its place on Taemin’s third album, “Never Gonna Dance Again: Part 2”. And, this time around, the release boasts of interesting collaborations. K-Pop icon, BOA, features on ‘IDEA’, while Wendy of Red Velvet joins in on a track called ‘Be Your Enemy’. Other tracks accompanying the release include ‘Heaven’, ‘Pansy’, ‘I Think it’s Love’, and more.

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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