Taylor Lautner Says He Blacked Out During His Eras Tour Appearance

Taylor Lautner’s unexpected re-entry into the Taylor Swift universe this past summer was a surprise for fans of both the actor and the pop star. In a casual and candid recount of how this reunion came to be, we got a glimpse of their rekindled friendship and the excitement that followed.

Lautner, known for his role in the ‘Twilight’ series, shared his side of the story during an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.’ The actor explained that it all began with a call from his manager, which came early in the morning. His manager revealed that he had been contacted by none other than Taylor Swift’s manager, who was inquiring about getting Lautner’s updated cell phone number. Naturally, Lautner’s curiosity was piqued, and he inquired about the purpose of the call. It turns out Taylor Swift had something in mind, and Lautner decided to consult his wife, Tay, about the proposition.

Image Courtesy: People

Taylor Lautner’s wife is a die-hard Swiftie, making her reaction to the news priceless. According to Lautner, she was in the kitchen and immediately started freaking out with excitement. Her enthusiastic response was all the assurance he needed to proceed, as it was clear that she was fully on board with the idea.

Even though Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift had been out of touch for some time, the two recently rekindled their friendship. This led to the creation of the music video for ‘I Can See You,’ a Taylor’s Version vault track from the album ‘Speak Now.’ 

The original plan was to shoot the video in London. However, Swift’s experience with dealing with the media and paparazzi led her to change her mind. The desire to keep the project a secret until the big reveal prompted the shift to Liverpool, where they could work without the prying eyes of the press.

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Months after the video shoot, Taylor Swift was preparing to kick off her career-spanning The Eras Tour. During the lead-up to the tour, she made an exciting proposition to Taylor Lautner. Swift had a unique idea for the release night of ‘Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),’ and she wanted Lautner to be a part of it. The plan was to blind premiere the music video during her concert in Kansas City, Missouri, and then have Lautner and the cast walk out onto the stage. 

When the big night arrived, Taylor Lautner joined Taylor Swift onstage at Arrowhead Stadium, which can hold over 76,000 people. However, nerves got the best of him. In an unexpected turn of events, he resorted to doing a backflip as his entrance. Lautner humourously described this as his quirky coping mechanism when he’s anxious.

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As Lautner reminisced about the experience with Jimmy Fallon, he shared that he stepped out onto the stage, saw the long walkway, and realized he would have to walk the entire distance. This thought made him uncomfortable, so he opted for the backflip, which not only covered the space but also added a memorable and unexpected element to the performance.

-Britney Jones