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Did Taylor Swift Just Tease a Collab With Katy Perry?

So as you all know, if you’ve been keeping brushed up with the latest on Katy Perry , she is dropping a brand new single on May 15th called ‘Daisies’. She made this announcement yesterday. And of course the internet has been thrilled. The mention of Taylor Swift was not yet made.

But there is just a little twist in this story. Almost an hour and twenty-five minutes later, Taylor Swift posted a picture. What’s wild about that you may ask? Well she is wearing a sweater with DAISIES printed on it. And that is enough for her fans to throw the lid wide open.

To be honest, some points that TayTay fans have been making are rather worth listening to, and might even be true if not proven completely wild. “Today marks the 2nd anniversary of ‘reputation Stadium Tour’ where Katy Perry sent an olive branch to Taylor Swift with a letter. Katy Perry announced her first single ‘Daisies’ today and Taylor Swift shared her photo wearing daisies. A possible collab?” one fan dared ask.

Another fan had the whole math worked out using End Game lyrics, which was ‘Reputation’ collaboration between Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Future. Um yes, if only our worlds worked with such cosmic accuracy. Honestly we’re being unfair to her at this point by not letting this be true!

The hope of all Swifties is that this image holds a clue that would prove that the ‘Daisies’ track is indeed a collaboration between the newest mama in town, aka Katy, and TayTay.

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