Taylor Swift is Ready to Change The Rule For Surprise Songs in The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has been making headlines for quite some time now and all for the right reasons! Now, Swift is in the talks for changing her previously made rule about the surprise songs portion of her Eras Tour concerts. She announced in Tampa recently that she will now be performing certain songs as many times as she likes instead of performing a song only once. She will be able to perform her favourite tracks during the mini acoustic set of her upcoming stadium shows. 

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

“Basically when I started the tour, I was like, ‘In the acoustic section, I am never repeating a song. I’m never doing songs more than once.’ But now I’m like, ‘There are so many songs I want to do more than once,’” Swift said in Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium.

Swift added, “So, I’m making a little caveat to the rule, which is that if a song is on ‘Midnights,’ I can do it however many times I want, because ‘Midnights’ is the most accurate picture of my life to date.”

Taylor Swift live debuted ‘The Great War’ from ‘Midnights (3am Edition)’ in Tampa during the surprise songs segment with frequent collaborator, Aaron Dessner. She also performed ‘You’re on Your Own kid’ from ‘Midnights’. The former peaked at No. 26 and the latter at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 respectively. Swift first told her fans about the acoustic section of her long-awaited live show in Glendale. 

Image Courtesy: Houston Chronicle

“The plan, the goal, would be to play different songs every single night and never repeat one. Right? So that when you heard one on this tour, you would know it’s the only time that I was going to play it in the acoustic set, unless — caveat — unless I mess it up so badly,” Swift said, “that I have to do it over again in some other city. Send your best wishes towards me so that I don’t do that.”

– Riya Sohini